Chicago's students are ready to make tomorrow their own – and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) are here to provide the resources they need to succeed.

Chicago Roadmap launches a formal, comprehensive partnership between CPS and CCC that:

Builds on existing programs

Establishes new resources

Working Together

With the Chicago Roadmap, CPS and CCC will work as one, providing a seamless education pathway beginning the moment students step into Pre-K classrooms and stretching to and through college. With a clear path ahead, nothing can stand in the way of our students.

The Goal

Ensure all of our students, regardless of background or ZIP Code, have the opportunity to get to and through college, paving the way for economic success.

Education Within Reach

Through the Chicago Roadmap, we’re establishing the strongest, most cohesive system between any K-12 and community college system in the country. By making college accessible and affordable for all students, they can continue to learn and grow right here at home.

Tomorrow belongs to Chicago’s students. Let’s help them get there.