The Chicago Roadmap innovates and implements a suite of structural supports and programs. We center the five pillars of our work around equity to better support the path to college and career for diverse students and learners.

A comprehensive effort, the Chicago Roadmap deepens collaboration between CPS and CCC in the following areas:

Academic Readiness & Success

Our Goal: Ensure our students receive high-quality, well-aligned instructional practice across CPS and CCC.

Access to High-Quality Programs

Our Goal: Work with students to get ahead and earn early college credits while in high school.

Student Advising and Supports

Our Goal: Support students’ ability to earn a post-secondary credential within a reasonable time and cost, while providing them with other resources to ensure they graduate from CCC.

Career Exploration & Preparedness

Our Goal: Encourage students to explore college and career trends earlier and with a path or goal in mind.

Strong Partnership Between CPS & CCC

Our Goal: Increase alignment between CPS and CCC for a sustained, successful partnership, which will improve the college and career success rates of our shared students.

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