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Meet Raquel, Jaime, and Yidedya, three students benefitting from the Chicago Roadmap. The Chicago Roadmap is an unprecedented partnership between Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) to support students along a seamless path to and through college on the way to their chosen careers. Through the Chicago Roadmap, CPS and CCC […]
This post was originally published on the Chicago Public Schools Blog on October 20, 2021. One of the key goals of the Chicago Roadmap is to dramatically and equitably increase student outcomes in college readiness, college enrollment, college persistence, college degree attainment, and employment by expanding access to high-quality programs, advising, and supports.  The Roadmap is split into […]
CPS and CCC have partnered on many initiatives and programs in the past, but the Chicago Roadmap is different. Through an equity-driven systems alignment, we are working to give all students a seamless transition to post-secondary options while focusing support and outreach on students who need it the most. Twenty-five working groups of CPS and […]

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