CPS and CCC have partnered on many initiatives and programs in the past, but the Chicago Roadmap is different. Through an equity-driven systems alignment, we are working to give all students a seamless transition to post-secondary options while focusing support and outreach on students who need it the most. Twenty-five working groups of CPS and CCC staff launched in October 2020. They are focused on the five key domains in the Chicago Roadmap, outlined in pages 7–17 of the report, and the nine game changers for equity strategies aligned to the domains. All the strategies are based on extensive research with a special focus on students at Options schools, diverse learners, young men of color, and students at small schools. Detailed project plans have been co-developed.

These strategies include transitional high school coursework that reduces the need for remedial coursework in college and dual credit courses to give students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

Enrollment processes, shared insights, and improved educational and employment support structures have been created between the two institutions to ease student transitions from high school to college and to provide work-based learning experiences throughout high school and college.

Plus, students will receive additional support as needed to help them succeed. To achieve this together, CPS and CCC have implemented Chicago Roadmap governance, identified fundraising needs, and created co-branded messaging and marketing materials. Each working group meets regularly to share status updates, problem-solve, remediate stalled measures, and take next steps based on outcomes and pilot programs. This is the inaugural progress report.

See the Chicago Roadmap 2021 Progress Report in English and Spanish.

cover of 2021 chicago roadmap progress report. shows a young black male wearing glasses and smiling.
Progress Report 2021
reporte de progreso 2021 en espanol. cover of 2021 chicago roadmap progress report. shows a young black male wearing glasses and smiling.
Reporte de Progreso 2021
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