This new Impact Report illustrates the progress made after the Chicago Roadmap's first year of implementation, reporting on metrics for College Access, College Readiness, College Completion, and Economic Mobility.

The Impact Report is a follow-up to the inaugural Chicago Roadmap Progress Report, released in 2021

Through the Chicago Roadmap, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) have developed measurable strategies that address the needs of students who are most behind in their studies. With equity as the guiding principle, CPS and CCC are working to give their students a seamless transition to post-secondary options through their Chicago Roadmap partnership with a focus on students who stand to benefit the most from additional supports.

This new Impact Report illustrates the progress made after the first year of implementation and is based on the following:

  • College Access
  • College Readiness
  • College Completion
  • Economic Mobility

Since the inception of the Chicago Roadmap partnership, CPS and CCC have seen a growth in their College Readiness categories—both in the scaling of Transitional Math and English, and a notable increase in college readiness (page 7):

Chart displaying the number of students enrolled in transitional courses. For transitional math, 153 students in 2018, 650 in 2019, 1767 in 2020, 2704 in 2021, and 3381 students in 2022.

During the 2021-2022 school year, transitional math courses are now available in 70 high schools and transitional English courses are available in 26 high schools. Other Equity Game Changers include the expansion of the post-secondary navigator program from 17 to 46 high schools, and opening new model pathways (page 8).

While COVID-19 presented educational roadblocks for our students, resulting in fewer students attending CCC during the pandemic, the Roadmap directly addresses these challenges, drastically increasing long-term college and career opportunities. 

The Chicago Roadmap Report and the Impact Report are made possible thanks, in part, to generous philanthropic contributions made to the Children First Fund: The Chicago Public Schools Foundation and the City Colleges of Chicago Foundation, with special thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bluhm Family Foundation, CME Group Foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Joyce Foundation, Lefkofsky Family Foundation, and Salesforce Foundation.

See the Chicago Roadmap 2022 Impact Report in English and Spanish.

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